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Demonstrable quality
Can you prove the quality of your services or products if a contracting authority requests that? With an independent certificate in Working Conditions, Quality and/or Environment from Aboma Certificering, you will have no worries. 

Better market position
Certification of quality and/or OHS management means systematic improvements within the organisation. The result? More effective and efficient business operations and a better position on the market! Are you keen to aim at the future? With a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) you will be a front runner. 

Independent certification 
The permanent team at Aboma Certificering is made up of specialists with full knowledge of the construction sector and of your organisation. Our audit team is independent, but certainly wants to think along with you. The audits are performed at the moments and locations when and where your employees carry out the work.

From VCA* to ISO 14001 
Aboma Certificering is familiar with Working Conditions, Quality and/or Environment and takes care of this on a national level for every kind of organisation. For example, we can take care of the VCA* certification for a small-scale bricklayer or CO2 certification for a medium-sized transport company. We also put our knowledge to use in the ISO 9001 certification for a producer of fire brigade vehicles and for the Amsterdam North/South metro project. 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality