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A certification process at Aboma Certificering is made up of the following steps: 

1st year: Initial or re-audit

  1. You must submit a request to Aboma Certificering for your organisation for independent certification in Working Conditions, Quality and/or Environment. You can submit a request for offer by email.
  2. Aboma Certificering draws up a suitable offer. 
  3. When the offer is approved, an audit plan is written for and together with your organisation.
  4. The Aboma Certificering audit team performs an audit at those moments and locations when and where your employees carry out the work. 
    Discussions also take place during the audit, with persons ranging from building site workers to management, and various kinds of information are gathered. These findings are processed in a report and presented to you. If this is in order, your organisation receives the certificate; your organisation is registered with the relevant scheme manager and is published on the website.
    And should something not be entirely in order? In that case, your organisation is given the opportunity to put things in order so that you can still receive the certificate.
  5. Invoicing: Aboma takes the following position: ‘you pay for what you get’. 

2nd and 3rd years: Annual random test
After the certificate has been awarded, surveillance audits are held in the second and third years. After these surveillance audits, the certification process takes place again. 

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality