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Aboma Certificering BV tests your quality and/or HSE management system and establishes whether your company complies with the requirements for certification. 

Our certification systems: 

Quality certification

  • ISO 9001 (A)
  • CKB (A)
  • MQM (KOVON) 
  • VEBIT 

Working conditions (Arbo) certification

  • VCA* (A)
  • VCA** (A)
  • VCA-P (A)
  • OHSAS 18001 (A) 
  • BTR 
  • ProRail Safety Ladder 

Environmental certification 

  • ISO 14001 (A)
  • CO² Performance Ladder 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification 

  • CSR indicator 

(A) = Accreditation 

Aboma Certificering also chooses quality, and offers certification designated with an (A) under Accreditation.

Building Sustainably for Safety and Quality